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Made of non-toxic medical grade material .
All types of connectors are available, Sterile single packed and in bulk.
Connectors made of medical grade , Polycarbonate.
Smooth inside configuration.
Parts which are tested according to the most strict international procedures with the best performances in materials and shapes .
Custom pack specifications drawn by computer according to the specifications requested by the customer .
Production in clean room.
Customized sizes available on request.
All types of tubing are available, sterile single packed and bulk.
Order Information
Ref Number Description
DR-CUS-01 Custom Pack with arterial filter loop.
DR-CUS-02 Custom Pack without arterial filter.
DR-AR-03 Arterial filter loop.
DR-TUB-1/4 ″ Tubing ¼″ length -12 ft.
DR-TUB-3/8 ″ Tubing 3/8″ length -12 ft.
DR-TUB-1/2 ″ Tubing ½″ length -12 ft.
DR-CPC-12FR Cardioplegia Cannula 12 FR.
DR-CPC-14FR Cardioplegia Cannula 14 FR.
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