Dr. Surgical develops and markets leads with fixed curvature for temporary cardiac stimulation and electrophysiology, with a particular attention to the choice of materials.

The range of intravenous temporary pacing and diagnostic leads are made up of following families:

DR-SPIKE ULTRA : lead with braided shaft and soft tip, for EP studies

DR-SPIKE EASY : lead with fully braided shaft, for EP studies

DR-SPIKE LC S : lead is not braided for temporary pacing

DR-SPIKE FLOW: balloon lead, for temporary emergency pacing

Each family includes a wide range of models.Models are differenciated by material of electrodes, inter electrode distance, curvature, size and connection.

The choice of material arises from the evaluation of the unique chemical and physical characteristics if this peculiar thermoplastic polymer and from the resulting performance allows a high flexibility along with high kink resistance.

The electrodes are in platinum iridium or in platinum iridium or in stainless steel: both materials ensure an excellent quality of the sensing and pacing signals.

Order Information

Ref Number Description
DR-TPLU-01 Temporary Pacing Lead Ultra With Braided Shaft & Soft Tip
DR-TPLE-02 Temporary Pacing Lead Easy With Braided Shaft
DR-TPLCS-03 Temporary Pacing Lead LCS With Not Braided Shaft
DR-TPLBF-04 Temporary Pacing Lead With Balloon

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