• Secondary Filter: -0.2 μ To Retain Bacteria/ Fungi And To Remove Entrapped Air.
  • Disk Filter: To Eliminate Any PArticulate Matter & Entrapped Air Bubble
  • Contains No Latex
  • Y-Injection Site
  • DEHP Free Tube
  • Luer Lock
Instruction for use:
  • Close The flow regular & remove the Protective Cap Of Skipe.
  • Flush the filter Keeping In Vertical Position with Saline. Keep Air Vent in Closed Position During Flushing.
  • Use I.V. Set Immediately After Priming Thrust The Piercing Device Straight through Rubber stopper Of Bottle.
  • Check Vacuum status By Observing The Rising Bubbles.
  • Open Flow Regulator And Fill Drip Chamber to The Half Mark
  • Remove Protective Cap Of the Male conical fitting Open the roller champ And fill tubing with Solution
  • Remove the Air Bubbles in PVC Tube and Close Flow Regulator
  • Perform venipuncture And adjust the flow regulator Properly To Regulate Properly To Regulate flow And Connect the Male Conical fitting/ connect to Venipuncture devices.
Order Information:
Ref Number               Description
DR-OCK-01               Once Care Kit

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