Spiral design ensures precise pressure.

Excess pressure protective device provides safer pressure control.

Release handle makes instant and easy inflation and deflation.

Is perfect for a wide array of applications such as balloon catheterization, stent deployment and fluid delivery.

Broad application – Cardiology, Peripheral, Radiology, Urology,Gastrointestinal,Neurology, Orthopaedics biliary, pulmonary,ENT etc.

The clear barrel provides medical staff with a precise view of the content and volume allowing the user to observe the purging of the bubbles.

Sizes -10cc, 20cc, 25cc, 40cc etc.

Order Information

Ref Number Description
DR-ID-10cc inflation device up to 15 ATM (Standard)
DR-ID-20cc inflation device up to 30 ATM (Standard)
DR-ID-25cc inflation device low profile up to 30 ATM.
DR-ID-PP-30CC inflation device upto 30 ATM Push Pull
DR-ID-40cc inflation device low profile up to 40 ATM.
DR-ID-DI-30cc inflation device up to 30 ATM Digital

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