Dr. Surgical Y-Adaptors provides an easy-to-use hemoststic device for both diagnostic and interventional procedures.

The Push-Pull Y-Adaptor prevents back-bleeding while the balloon catheter / guide wire is inserted into the guiding catheter and provides easy manipulation during placement while securing catheters position.

Specially designed Push-Pull Y-Adaptor reduces the blood loss during interventional procedures.

Large close knab makes twisting and value closing very easy.

Large bore suites for all sizes of angiographic catheters.

Order Information

Ref Number Description
DR-HV9FK 9F Y Adapter , Insertion tool, torque devices
DR-HV6FK 6F Y Adapter , Insertion tool, torque devices
DR-HV9FS 9F Single Y Adapter
DR-HV6FS 6F Single Y Adapter
DR-PUHV9FS 9F Single Y Adapter push pull
DR-PUHV6FS 6F Single Y Adapter push pull
DR-HV7FK 7F Y Adapter , Insertion tool, torque devices
DR-HVYC-9F 9F Y Adapter ,Y click
DR-HVYC-9FK 9F Y Adapter ,Y click
DR-HVYC-9FS 9F Single Y Adapter
DR-TQ-0.14” SP Torque devices Single
DR-TQ-0.14” ST Insertion tool Single

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