Suitable for removal of secretion, blood, etc.

Complete Set is provided with the suction tip mounted on two meter long tube.

Ribbed soft medical grade P.V.C tubing.

Smooth flow in tube.

On/off switch on handle easy to use.

Order Information

Ref Number Description
DR-YSS-20FG Yankur Suction Set with two meter tubing.
DR-YSS-22FG Yankur Suction Set with two meter tubing.
DR-YSS-24FG Yankur Suction with two meter tubing.
DR-YSS-26FG Yankur Suction Set with two meter tubing.
DR-YSH-20FG Yankur Suction Single Handle.
DR-YSH-22FG Yankur Suction Single Handle.
DR-YSH-24FG Yankur Suction Single Handle.
DR-YSH-26FG Yankur Suction Single Handle.



  • Secondary Filter: -0.2 μ To Retain Bacteria/ Fungi And To Remove Entrapped Air.
  • Disk Filter: To Eliminate Any PArticulate Matter & Entrapped Air Bubble
  • Contains No Latex
  • Y-Injection Site
  • DEHP Free Tube
  • Luer Lock
Instruction for use:
  • Close The flow regular & remove the Protective Cap Of Skipe.
  • Flush the filter Keeping In Vertical Position with Saline. Keep Air Vent in Closed Position During Flushing.
  • Use I.V. Set Immediately After Priming Thrust The Piercing Device Straight through Rubber stopper Of Bottle.
  • Check Vacuum status By Observing The Rising Bubbles.
  • Open Flow Regulator And Fill Drip Chamber to The Half Mark
  • Remove Protective Cap Of the Male conical fitting Open the roller champ And fill tubing with Solution
  • Remove the Air Bubbles in PVC Tube and Close Flow Regulator
  • Perform venipuncture And adjust the flow regulator Properly To Regulate Properly To Regulate flow And Connect the Male Conical fitting/ connect to Venipuncture devices.
Order Information:
Ref Number               Description
DR-OCK-01               Once Care Kit