No leakage of the Haemostasis Valve under 80kpa Pressure Favourable, Pushability, Flexibility and Radiopaque.


  • Atraumatic tapered tip minimizies vascular damage
  • Enhanced pushability and flexibility
  • Enhanced inner diameter for ultra-smooth transition between dilator and sheath Lubricant coating
  • Specially designed for radial/femoral vascular applications
  • Hydrophilic Coating guide wire for options.

Order Information

Ref. Number Product Description
Type Sheath L.(cm) Guide wire Size Needle Size
DR-ISR-01 5F 8/13 0.021″ 20/21G
DR-ISR-02 6F 8/13 0.021″ 20/21G
DR-ISR-03 7F 8/13 0.021″ 20/21G
DR-ISR-04 8F 8/13 0.021″ 20/21G
DR-ISF-01 5F 11/11.5 0.038″ 18G
DR-ISF-02 6F 11/11.5 0.038″ 18G
DR-ISF-03 7F 11/11.5 0.038″ 18G
DR-ISF-04 8F 11/11.5 0.038″ 18G

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