General Specifications

Shaft inner layer material                             Polytetrafluoroethylene-PTFE

Braiding                                                            High Strength flat wire mesh pattern

Inner Diameter 5 Fr-0.059″ (1.50mm)
6 Fr-0.071″ (1.80mm)
7 Fr-0.081″ (2.06mm)

Usable length                                                    80 cm – 120 cm



  • Soft Tip:  Radiopaque and altraumatic soft tip, for an easy passage without damaging the intima.
  • Very smooth surface avoids platelet aggregation.
  • High radiopacity.
  • Double inner mesh : the double inner mesh of wire, enhances optimum pushability, stability , visibility, and torque 1:1
  • Colour coded: the hub is clearly identified and colour coded to facilitate selection.
  • Made of Pebax and Braided 304 stainless Steel Wire Liner.
  • Flex tip end.
  • Reference No. : DR-AC-Type-Spe, for example: DR-AC-JL-4.0

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